10 Best Jewish Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests will Love

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Are you looking for Jewish wedding favor ideas that are different from the norm? Whether your wedding theme is distinctly Jewish or has a hint of Jewish culture, these Jewish wedding favors will wow your guests. From words in Hebrew to hamsas, Star of David shapes, and more, you can find unique wedding favors here. 

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Say “mazel tov” to the best Jewish wedding favor ideas. From hamsa, Star of David and Hebrew words you'll be sure to find the perfect memento for your special day!

Here are ten Jewish wedding favor ideas in different styles and budgets to help you make your day extra special:

1} Hamsa Hand Magnet

Hamsa Hand Magnet Best Jewish Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests will Love

Evil Eye Grand Store, silver hamsa hand magnets with tassel, $2, Etsy.com

Decorated silver hamsa hand magnets make beautiful and meaningful additions to any wedding! Guests will love to hang them on the fridge long after the big event.

2} Ceramic Pomegranate

Ceramic Pomegranate Best Jewish Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests will Love

Potter Ash, handmade ceramic pomegranate, $4, Etsy.com

Lovely and exquisitely detailed, these ceramic pomegranates are amazing. You’ll enjoy looking at them yourself and your guests will simply love them!

3} Mazel Tov Favor Bags

Mazel Tov Favor Bags Best Jewish Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests will Love

Clementine Weddings, personalized cotton mazel tov favor bags, $1.5, Etsy.com

Adding an extra touch of fun, these little favor bags are perfect for your Jewish wedding theme. Fill them with candy, rice, or lavender buds to match your wedding colors.

4} Stickers for Hershey Kisses

Stickers for Hershey Kisses

Distinctivs, labels for Hershey kisses, $9.49 for 180 labels, Etsy.com

These stickers are fun and easy to use. They would look great on the bottom of ‘Hershey Kisses’ and put them inside favor bags to give your guests or as decoration at your wedding.

5} Shabbat Shalom Matches

Shabbat Shalom Matches Best Jewish Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests will Love

Iowa Essentials, Shabbat matches in a decorative tube, $5, Etsy.com

Brighten up your wedding guests’ Shabbat with these matches for Sabbath candles in a decorative tube. Each matchbox contains sixty, 4 inches long, wooden matches. “Shabbat Shalom” is printed in English on one side and in Hebrew on the other.

6} Wooden Ahava (אהבה) Tags

Best Jewish Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests will Love - wooden heart tags with the Hebrew word 'love'

Forever Sweethearts, wooden heart tags with the Hebrew word ‘love’, $2.70, Etsy.com

These beautiful wedding favor tags are perfect for a Jewish or Israeli-style wedding or celebration. Each tag has the Hebrew word for love burned into it – אהבה (Ahava).

7} Hebrew Blessing Message Stones

ceramic Hebrew message stone Best Jewish Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests will Love

Ceramics By Orly, handmade ceramic Hebrew message stone, $7.20, Etsy.com

Create a heartwarming memento they will cherish forever. These beautiful stones are reminders of your special day and a truly meaningful way to thank your guest.

8} ‘Star of David’ Chocolate Lollipops

Star of David' Chocolate Lollipops

XOXO Chocolates Shoppe, ‘Star of David’ chocolate lollipops, $1.50, Etsy.com

For the bride and groom these beautiful, symbolic lollipops are a delightful way to thank your guests for sharing your special day. Each one is individually wrapped and tied with a ribbon. Available in milk, dark or white chocolate.

9} Hamsa Evil Eye Key Chain

silver hamsa evil eye key chain - Best Jewish Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests will Love

Shiny Wedding Boutique, silver hamsa evil eye key chain, $1.80, Etsy.com

These silver hamsa key chains are beautiful favors for wedding guests to carry with them to protect them from the evil eye. The hamsa key chains have beautiful details and stars of David decorations.

10} Mini Mason Mug

Personalized religious 4 oz. mini mason mug, $2, myweddingfavors.com

If you’ve got an Israeli-themed wedding coming up, the personalized mini mason mug shot glass with Israeli prints is a great way to tastefully add some flair to your table settings. It can be filled with sand, candies, a votive candle, or it can be left empty.

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