10 Affordable & Tasty Edible Wedding Favors

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The whole purpose of wedding favors is to pamper your guests, thank them for taking part in your wedding celebration, and send them on their way satisfied and happy. This list of edible wedding favors is the most affordable and will leave your guests with a taste for more.

How cool are those family traditional homemade goodies such as jam, liquor, sauces, and cookies as a gift for wedding guests? Whether as a wedding DIY mini-project of craft boxes, bags, and wishing cards, filled with store-bought treats, or just to show off your incredible baking skills.

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Affordable Edible Wedding Favors

Thanks to the huge variety of affordable cheap edible wedding favors, you can spread your love and while saving on your wedding expenses.

10 Top picks for affordable edible wedding post-party favors that your guests will be thrilled for:

1. Wedding Chocolate Favors

These are so cute! Small Chocolate favor packaged nicely with a lovely little flower bouquet in your color of choice and a craft paper wrap with your wedding date and the couples’ names.

Affordable Edible Wedding Favors - Wedding Chocolate Favors

By fanushome on Etsy

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2. Personalized Jumbo Smore Marshmallows After-Party Snacks

This treat is fun and delicious for all ages but will surely evoke childhood memories in many of your wedding guests. Espeasily for winter weddings, design your own personalized Smore marshmallow favors with either text and graphics and create a costume edible favor for your guests to take with them.

Affordable Edible Wedding Favors -  Personalized Jumbo Smore Marshmallows After-Party Snacks

By ExceptionalEvent365 on Etsy

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3. Spring and Summer Wedding Lollipops Favors

With so many choices of great flavors, it will be hard not to be tempted and finish all the supplies long before your wedding day. Suitable for spring and summer weddings, individually wrapped and feature a watercolor label design that matches with the lollipops’ flavor.

Affordable Edible Wedding Favors -  Spring and Summer Wedding Lollipops Favors

By LeccareLollipops on Etsy

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4. Gold Lollipops With Edible Glitter

The perfect favor for your Gold Themed wedding! Those champagne flavored lollipops are beautiful decorations for any wedding cake, lollipop centerpiece, or candy bar.

Gold Lollipops With Edible Glitter

By SmashCandies on Etsy

5. Wedding Chocolate and Caramel Pretzel Twists

these crunchy bavarian twists pretzel wedding favors are a tasty token of appreciation for your guests. Dipped and decorated with Belgian chocolate or caramel, features sprinkles along with a bride and groom, wedding bell, or dove as the finishing coat.

Affordable Edible Wedding Favors -  Chocolate and Caramel Pretzel Twists

By My Wedding Favors

Affordable Edible Wedding Favors DIY mini-project

So you have decided to do it yourself, make family tradition treats for your guests, or just use your craft skills to design and personalize favors packaging and personalized labels for your store-bought candies, I’ve got you covered. Below is a simple DIY project, courtesy of Evermine, that won’t break your budget.

Adopted by Evermine

DIY Kisses Wedding Favors Bags Items

Tiny organza bag
Price: $0.25 on Evernine

Personalize favor tag
Price: $0.90 on Evernine

10 Hershey’s hugs and kisses
Price: $0.30 on Amazon (Check current price)
Total cost per favor: $1.75

6. Personalized Hershey’s Miniatures

For many of us, Miniatures Chocolate is a must-have treat alongside any ‘on the go’ cup of coffee, and when it comes to Hershey’s it’s definitely a treat! These edible favors can be designed with a selection of colors and themes and customized with your wedding details.

Personalized Hershey's Miniatures

By My Wedding Favors

7. ‘Mint To Be’ Bride and Groom Mint Tins

The Bride and Groom design over Slide Mint Tins, filled with heart-shaped mints make an affordable wedding favors your guests will definitely keep.

Affordable Edible Wedding Favors -  'Mint To Be' Bride and Groom Mint Tins

By My Wedding Favors

8. Silver and Gold Heart Gourmet Fortune Cookies

Crisp fortune cookies are chocolate or caramel dipped and decorated with a tiny heart in silver or gold each Individually wrapped in crystal-clear cellophane bags for freshness. And the best part is those adorable love messages that guests will cherish.

Silver and Gold Heart Gourmet Fortune Cookies

By My Wedding Favors

9. Turkish Coffee and Pebble Chocolate Mini Favor Box

Decorated with customizable bouquets of flowers to choose from to match your wedding color palette. These rustic-themed Turkish coffee boxes and Chocolate Pebbles are the most cost-efficient edible wedding favors on this list, and are undoubtedly beautifully displayed.

Affordable Edible Wedding Favors - Turkish Coffee and Pebble Chocolate Mini Favor Box

By MyWeddingHouse on Etsy

10. Love is Sweet Heart Shaped Chocolate Wedding Favors

Heart-shaped chocolate wedding favors come with a personalized tag feature the ‘Love is Sweet’ note along with the couple’s names and wedding date in a Paint Brush modern font. Match text colors, ribbon, and chocolate wrap, with your wedding theme and color palette.

Affordable Edible Wedding Favors - Love is Sweet Heart Shaped Chocolate Wedding Favors with personalaized tag.

By LittleIndieStudio on Etsy

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our top 10 affordable edible wedding favors from our blog, as well as some fun ideas for how you can incorporate them into your own wedding day.

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