Best 5 Navy Blue November Fall Wedding Color Schemes

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Navy blue Is such a bold color, It stands at the center of the late fall November wedding color schemes. Down below are my favorite color combinations, starting with orange, for those of you who just refuse to say goodbye to summer, continue with boho chic and rustic-themed colors, through the modern and glamour styles.

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1} Navy Blue + Burgundy

Navy blue and burgundy is the most classic match for a November fall wedding from all the color schemes. This trending color combo creates a rustic luxuries vibe and also a dark and moody boho-chic which is perfect for the end of the fall and the beginning of the winter and will make your wedding stand out.

Navy Blue November Fall Wedding Color Schemes

#1 Wildflower Bouquet By My-Dinosaur-Dreams on Etsy
#2 Favor Boxes By Wedding-Ukraine on Etsy
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#4 Cake Decoration By SERENlTY on Etsy
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2} Navy Blue + Orange

Navy blue and orange for an elegant and rustic autumn wedding. with sweet undertones and the balance of warmth and cool creates an ideal fresh color palette for the late summer and beginning of fall weddings.

Navy Blue November Fall Wedding Color Schemes

#1 Navy orange bouquet By Flower-Dreams-Boutique on Etsy
#2 Bridesmaid Dresses By
#3 Cake By Cakey-Creations via Instagram
#4 Wedding Invitation By Penelopes-Paper-Pantry on Etsy
#5 Shoes By Ellie-Wren-Wedding-Shoe on Etsy
#6 Artificial Flowers on Amazon

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3} Navy Blue + Pink

The combination between the luxury navy blue and the sweet and romantic pink transforms into an Absolutely stunning modern yet feminine dreamy wedding which is just perfect for a fall November outdoor wedding.

Navy Blue November Fall Wedding Color Schemes

#1 Flower Petals on Amazon
#2 Bridesmaid Dresses By
#3 Photo By LUDOVIKO-BOXES on Etsy
#4 Wedding Invitation By Sundae-Printables-AU on Etsy
#5 Welcome Sign By Visualising-Dreams on Etsy
#6 Wedding Shoes By Yulia-Nadeeva on Etsy

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4} Navy Blue + Gold

Navy Blue and Gold combo create a stunning yet classic elegant wedding look. This rich color palette is glamorous and timeless, creates an amazing festive wedding vibe.

Navy Blue November Fall Wedding Color Schemes

#1 Bridesmaid Dresses By I-Dentity-Lingerie on Etsy
#2 Cake By Bespoke-Luxury-Wedding-Cakes via Instagram
#3 Place Card By Love-Bonny-Design on Etsy
#4 Invitation Suite By Moodthology-Papery on Zazzle
#5 Seating Chart By Woodland-Custom-Design on Etsy
#6 Wedding Shoes By Chic-Feet-Designs on Etsy

5} Navy & Dusty Blue

Navy blue and dusty blue combo create an elegant and romantic vibe.
The dusty blue softens the bold navy and gives it a perfect combination for a soothing fall color palette.

Navy Blue & Dusty Blue November Fall Wedding Color Schemes

#1 Dinner Napkins By Valencha on Etsy
#2 Bridesmaid Dress By DCdress on Etsy
#3 Wedding Confetti on Amazon
#4 Boutonniere By SERENlTY on Etsy
#5 Wedding Invitation By LOVELYWOW studio on Zazzle
#6 DIY Wedding Bouquets on Amazon

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