Christmas Wedding Color Palettes that will Wow Your Guests

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As the cold of winter settles in and the holiday season nears, we take a look at some gorgeous color combinations for the upcoming wedding season. From classic Christmas wedding theme red-green, and wood, to glamour gold winter style, and burgundy and navy blue for boho moody chic, these Christmas wedding color palettes will leave you with plenty of inspiration to create a festive wintry look that will wow your guests.

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Read on for amazing Christmas wedding color palettes to make your guests feel cozy and festive while also being chic and stylish:

1} Classic Christmas – Red, Green & Wood

When it comes to choosing an ideal color scheme for your Christmas wedding the colors red, green, and wooden are the most classic match. This timeless color palette creates a rustic festive holiday spirit like nothing else.

Classic Christmas Wedding Color Palettes - Red, Green & Wood

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2} Glamorous Christmas – Gold, Red & Green

Are you are ready to sparkle your wedding with this fabulous color palette idea? The gold, red, and green color palette captures the chicness of a glamorous Christmas wedding, it creates a stunning yet classic look that’s timeless and glamorous, making it perfect for a festive winter wedding.

Glamour Christmas Wedding Color Palettes - Gold, Red & Green

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3} Moody Christmas – Burgundy, Navy Blue & Dark Green

A color palette of navy blue, burgundy, and dark green is a match made in heaven for a December winter wedding. This trending color palette creates a moody boho-chic vibe with a cozy and warm Christmas vibe that is perfect for the holiday season.

Moody Christmas Wedding Color Palettes - Burgundy, Navy Blue & Dark Green

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