15 Awesome Gothic Halloween Wedding Decoration Ideas

Last Updated on September 9, 2021 by Kaden

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate their wedding day by adding a touch of the spooky? So to make your guests smile (and freak out a little), here are 15 nightmare-inspired Gothic Halloween wedding decoration ideas you’re gonna want to steal!

Whether you like a spooky vibe or Gothic style I got you covered. In the list below you will find ghoulishly good decor ideas. From skull guestbook, gothic floating candles to haunted tree centerpiece that’ll wow your guests.

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15 Awesome Gothic Halloween Wedding Decoration Ideas

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Read on for the 15 best Gothic Halloween wedding decoration ideas to make your big day truly memorable:

1} Pumpkins Lanterns

Pumpkins Lanterns Halloween Wedding Decoration Ideas
Designed by ThePersonalizedGift

Shop on: Etsy

These stunning pumpkins lanterns will add just the right amount of spookiness to your Halloween wedding. They are easy to assemble, and you can use them again year after year.

2} Spooky Tree Centerpiece

Spooky Tree Centerpiece Halloween Wedding Decoration Ideas
Designed by WyomingWoodshop

Shop on: Etsy

This enchanting artificial haunted tree will look perfect as the Centerpiece table decoration at your Halloween wedding. It’s just what you need to create a spooky Halloween ambiance for your special day.

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3} Skull Guestbook

Skull Guestbook alternative Halloween Wedding Decoration Ideas
Designed by BestStoreUA

Shop on: Etsy

Are you looking for a unique wedding guestbook alternative that’ll stand out? This personalized wood skull guestbook is a beautiful piece of art! and definitely will fit the bill. It features your names and wedding date and comes in different color choices.

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4} Gothic Cake Cutting Set

Gothic Cake Cutting Set Halloween Wedding Decoration Ideas
Designed by Gothicwedding Studio

Shop on: Etsy

This beautiful Gothic wedding cake is a perfect addition to your spooky wedding. It comes pre-engraved with your names and wedding date. Make it a keepsake that you’ll never forget!

5} Bats Table Confetti

Bats Table Confetti Halloween Wedding Decoration Ideas
Designed by Daisy Daisy Special Day

Shop on: Etsy

As a finishing touch to your Halloween or Goth wedding, these little individually engraved bats may be the perfect table confetti scatter and a perfect little Halloween wedding favors.

6} Antique Black Candle Holder

 Antique Black Candle Holder
Designed by TreasureIslet

Shop on: Etsy, Amazon

This exquisite antique candle holder will give the perfect Gothic haunted house vibe you were going for.

7} Until Death Do Us Part Banner

 Until Death Do Us Part Banner
Designed by BannerCheerJR

Shop on: Etsy

This Gothic letter’s “Until Death Do Us Part” wedding banner is the perfect way to create your own wedding decoration. Hang the long banner over a doorway or across a wall or fence with the included hanging cord.

8} Goth Floral Centerpiece

Goth Floral Centerpiece Halloween Wedding Decoration Ideas
Designed by AlwaysADORNable

Shop on: Etsy

What better way to celebrate Halloween than by using the colors black and purple. Add a hauntingly beautiful touch to your setting with these gothic deep purple and black roses centerpieces.

9} Dancing Skeleton Couple Cake Topper

Dancing Skeleton Couple Cake Halloween Wedding Decoration Ideas

Shop on: Amazon

Dancing skeletons are the ultimate symbol of eternal romance, and this gorgeous cake topper is ready to dance. Will be that extra touch for the most stand-out ‘Day of the Dead’ wedding.

10} Spider Candle Holder

Spider Candle Holder Halloween Wedding Decoration Ideas
Designed by Christy Products

Shop on: Etsy

Want to give your wedding that extra-special touch? Spiders are everyone’s favorite creepy-crawly, and these little guys are adorable. The perfect way to create a warm and cozy Halloween atmosphere and to make a simple table look awesome.

11} Floral Foam Skulls

Floral Foam Skulls Halloween Wedding Decoration Ideas
Designed by Crafts2Much

Shop on: Etsy

These floral skulls add a fun and festive element to Halloween or Dia de Los Muertos celebrations. Whether you use them as centerpieces or to serve treats, the possibilities are endless. The skulls can be customized to match your color scheme, so they’ll fit perfectly with any Halloween wedding.

12} Gothic Floating Candles

Gothic Floating Candles Halloween Wedding Decoration Ideas
Designed by AmericanGothicArt

Shop on: Etsy

These black gothic floating candles are a fantastic Gothic Halloween wedding decoration for a goth-themed wedding. They add a touch of drama and excitement! They come with clear strings that are easy to hang. Also, you can use them as centerpieces or aisle decorations.

13} Til Death Neon Sign

Til Death Neon Sign Halloween Wedding Decoration Ideas
Designed by HdjLetterSign

Shop on: Etsy

This customizes ‘Til Death’ Neon sign is perfect for the day of the dead wedding. Bright and beautiful, it comes with everything to plug in and hang up. It will set the perfect mood for romance and love but in a spooky way.

14} Black Roses

Black Roses

Shop on: Amazon

These black roses are made of a soft high-quality latex foam which gives them the look of fresh roses. Amazing for making bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, and cake flowers. You can also get black roses petals for the flower girl or scatter them on the table runner.

15} Antique Mini Lanterns 

Antique Mini Lanterns

Shop on: Amazon

These mini candle lanterns are full of antique style and hauntingly romantic details. Will look great as a table decoration or hang it from the ceiling for a spooky haunted house vibe wedding.