10 Best Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Ideas

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A Christmas bridal party is as cozy as can get, It feels like an adult slumber party. Everyone is warming up in PJs, drinking hot chocolate, and eating cookies, and the best part is opening the presents! What a wonderful way to pop the question and ask your girlfriend “Will you be my bridesmaid?”
with a Christmas-themed bridesmaid proposal gift.

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Best 10 Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal and Gift Ideas

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Christmas-Inspired Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts for the Winter

For a merry Christmas and a magical besties party, here are my favorite Christmas bridesmaid Proposal gifts ideas your bridesmaids will cherish.

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1} Personalized Christmas Ornament

The ultimate Christmas gift! And with these color options and sparkles, this personalized ornament will add glam to your bridesmaids’ Christmas tree every year.

 Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal and Gift, Personalized Christmas Ornament

By: Bounita
Shop on: Etsy

* Feeling creative? Make your own Christmas ornament with this step by step guide – Click here

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2} Green and Red Customized Satin Pajamas

Isn’t this picture screams festive Christmas spirit? the bird in red and the bridesmaids in green. These satin pajamas are the perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season every girl will be happy to get.

 Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal and Gift, Green and Red Customized Satin Pajamas

By: Your-lovely-shop-Design
Shop on: Etsy

3} Christmas Proposal Box

Winter is upon us and with it this adorable and useful bridesmaid proposal gift box. Cute and soft scrunchie, cozy bridesmaid socks, gold diamond pen, beautiful ornament, and artisan handmade Christmas tree soap that will make the entire box smells amazing!

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal and Gift, Christmas Proposal Box

By: My-Hand-made-Wedding-CO
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4} Snowflake Necklace with Letter

An affordable beautiful winter-themed bridesmaid gift. Will look amazing as a part of your bridesmaid proposal box or on its own.

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal and Gift, Snowflake Necklace with Letter

By: Summer-Jewelry-LA
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5} Monogram Smart Gloves

Keep your bridesmaid’s hands toasty warm. An extremely cozy and useful gift for the cold weather. With these fashionable monogrammed gloves you can still use electronic devices, and the inside is covered with super soft fleece fabric.

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal and Gift, Monogram Smart Gloves

By: visionary-creation-co
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6} Monogrammed Flannel Pajamas

Gift yourself and your bridesmaids these cute flannel PJs.
You can’t go wrong here. Your besties will love them and definitely wear them all winter.

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal and Gift, Monogrammed Flannel Pajamas

By: Seline-Lounge
Shop on: Etsy

7} Christmas Spa Box

Winter is the best time for a pamper spa day at home.
Give your bridesmaids the ultimate spa experience with these amazing products. ‘glow’ sea salt facial spray, gold glitter bath bomb, gold tin candle, detoxifying charcoal soap bar, cotton candy, body butter, and sugar scrub with a mini bamboo spoon. Comes in an adorable Christmas-themed round gift box with a custom label.

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal and Gift, Christmas Spa Box

By: White-Confetti-Box
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8} Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts Faux Fur Slippers

Bride and bridesmaid super cute and soft faux fur slippers. The perfect gift for you and for your bridesmaid for getting ready on a winter wedding day!

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal and Gift, Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts Faux Fur Slippers

By: Totally-brides
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9} Ceramic Mug Bridesmaid Proposal Box Set

Delightful winter bridesmaid proposal box set. Including a gorgeous ceramic enamel-look campfire mug with your bestie name on the front and “will you be my bridesmaid?” on the bottom. Also includes beeswax and soy candle with a custom label, ceramic teaspoon, “ground coffee breath” handmade lip balm, mini tube of ground coffee, and muslin bag of matches.

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal and Gift, Ceramic Mug Bridesmaid Proposal Box Set

By: Campfire-gifts-and-co
Shop on: Etsy

10} Custom Bridesmaid Proposal Socks

If soft and comfy is what you are looking for, these fluffy socks will definitely give you what you want. They are fun, cozy, and will be an amazing addition to a bridesmaid proposal box.

Christmas Bridesmaid Proposal and Gift,  Custom Bridesmaid Proposal Socks

By: Desipah-Shop
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