10 Stunning “Beauty and the Beast” Wedding Gift Ideas

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If your favorite couple is “Beauty and the Beast” fans, help the happy newlyweds celebrate their love by giving them a gift that they will never forget. I’ve curated this list of 10 stunning “Beauty and the Beast” wedding gift ideas from scrapbook and cutting board to the enchanted Aluma rose. Here you’ll find the perfect gift idea for every couple out there that is in love with Disney’s classic tale.

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Beauty and the Beast Wedding Gift

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Read on for the best 10 “Beauty and the Beast” wedding gift ideas that will make the new couple remember this day forever:

1} Cutting Board

Cutting Board Beauty and the Beast Wedding Gift

By: Best-Wedding-Decor
Shop on: Etsy

Beautifully engraved with Beauty and the Beast, this cutting board is handmade from natural hardwoods and is great for everyday use. Sure to please any Disney fan couple and look stunning in any kitchen.

2} Enchanted Aluma Rose

Enchanted Aluma Rose - Beauty and the Beast

By: Aluma-Flowers
Shop on: Etsy

This Beauty and the Beast enchanted Aluma rose replica is an elegant piece that includes engravings and lights for extra gleam. Each petal is individually forged by hand for a realistic look and enchanting appearance. A treasured keepsake, it’s the ideal wedding gift for any romance-loving couple.

3} Watercolor Sheet Music Art Print

Beauty and the Beast  Art Print Wedding Gift

By: Prints-Charming-Art-Co
Shop on: Etsy

Celebrate your favorite couple with this treasured keepsake to commemorate their fairytale romance. This art print featuring sheet music in the background and beautiful custom watercolor art print of Belle and the Beast.

4} Cartoon Ceramic Set

Beauty & The Beast Chip China Tea Set Wedding Gift

By: Piece-And-Peace-Studio
Shop on: Etsy

The Beauty and the Beast tea set makes an awesome wedding gift for any Beauty and the Beast fan. The set includes all the necessities for a nice cup of teaThe set: a teapot, sugar pot, and teacups. This sweet-looking ceramic cartoon set will either bring back memories from their childhood or it’s a great way to start memorable moments of your own.

5} Glasses & Cake Server Set

Enchanted Rose Glasses & Cake Server Set

By: Arts-Lux
Shop on: Etsy

This elegant Beauty and the Beast gift set is just stunning. This magical design symbolizes love so true, it can withstand even the deepest of evils. Make their special day complete with this gift that they’ll treasure forever.

6} Photo Album

Beauty & the Beast inspired Photo Album

By: Paper-memories-Uk
Shop on: Etsy

Looking for that perfect gift for the bride and groom? Look no further. This one-of-a-kind Beauty and the Beast photo album lets you relive the magic of their fairytale wedding day. And the miniature books are to die for!!

7} Wedding Hanger

Disney wedding hanger, beauty and the beast hanger wedding gift

By: Flower-bridal-hanger
Shop on: Etsy

A stunning delicate and beautiful wedding gift that truly makes a keepsake. This elegant wooden hanger Decorated with a gorgeous, unique design and can be customized with your choice of color.

8} Cake Server and Fork Set

Beauty and the Beast Wedding Cake Server and Fork Set wedding gift

By: Prose-And-Polish
Shop on: Etsy

From the classic story of Beauty and the Beast to a vintage style graceful pair of dessert forks and a cake server, these silverware pieces are just as beautiful as they are functional and a perfect way to celebrate your favorite couple’s love story.

9} Couple Kitchen Apron

Couple Kitchen Apron

Shop on: Amazon

In a twist on the classic love story, Beauty and the Beast have found they’re happily ever after – and it all started in the kitchen. This couple’s kitchen aprons are the perfect gift for the couple who likes to cook together.

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10} Wood Container Box

Beauty and the Beast Inspired wood container box

By: Beyond-Engravables
Shop on: Etsy

This Beauty and the Beast Inspired wood container box looks like a library book and is beautifully laser engraved of Disney’s Beauty and the beast. This unique wedding gift can be used as a humidor, jewelry box, make-up case, or just a keepsake box to preserves this fairy tale for future generations.

11} Red Roses Candle Set

Enchanted Rose Candle Set

By: Arts-Lux
Shop on: Etsy

This refined Beauty and the Beast gift candle set is just magical. This romantic design symbolizes everlasting love, so true it can stand the test of time. Make their precious day complete with this gift that will be cherished forever.

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