Navy Blue Nautical Themed Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

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Down to every detail, This is the motif of a well-planned wedding. And for your, dockside, sailboat, seaside, or destination wedding, when everything is accurate, navy blue is the go-to color to enhance the nautical wedding theme, one that stays with your guests and goes home with them as memorable favors.

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Navy Nautical Wedding Favors

10 Navy Blue Favors for Nautical Wedding Theme

Nautical themed elements such as anchors, ship’s wheel, and lighthouse along with the timeless navy blue stripes will be in the center of those designs. Here are my top picks for navy blue nautical themed wedding favors that your guests will be thrilled for.

1. Personalized Seed Paper Anchors

These beautiful souvenirs come in an anchor shape, perfect for your theme, and they have seeds within them that blossom when you plant them. What a great way to remind your guests of the experience for the months to come. Every time they look at their blooms, they will be reminded of you.

Navy Nautical Wedding Favors,  Personalized Seed Paper Anchors

By: recycledideas
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2. Personalized Nautical Luggage Tag

If your guests have to travel for your Nautical wedding, you might think of getting them luggage tags with the notion of a special thank you. These are really cute and come in a variety of colors for your selection.

Navy Nautical Wedding Favors,  Personalized Nautical Luggage Tag

By: JanineLeaSwan
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3. Nautical Themed Candle

These are the sweetest additions to any tablescape that can double-duty as a take-home gift for the guests. A cute blue And white boating ribbon and a silver anchor make for the most perfect little candle holder.

Navy Nautical Wedding Favors,  Nautical Themed Candle

By: pbpaperie
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4. Nautical Anchor Soap Wedding Favor

This nautical soap is a really great addition to any thank-you kit or basket for your wedding favors. They are beautifully packaged individually, making for a luxe end product. They’re gentle on the skin and allergen-free, so they’ll be a good option for everyone!

By: theslipperypearl
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5. White Deck Chair Favor – Candle Holders

A cute white driftwood deck chairs with starfish net are an amazing addition to your nautical themed wedding. These little tealight holders are not only great wedding favors that your guest will be thrilled to get, but it is also can be used as place card holders.

Navy Nautical Wedding Favors, White Deck Chair Favor - Candle Holders

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6. Anchor Votive Candle

These votive candles are absolutely adorable and serve as a great reminder and thank you for coming to your guests. People love to receive something they can actually use, and a candle is just perfect for that.

Navy Nautical Wedding Favors, Anchor Votive Candle

By: RibbonPersonalized
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7. Nautical Wine Charms

Nautical wine charms are the perfect way to bring life to your wedding. This beautiful navy blue will add a special touch to the nautical decoration. Above all, it is a great small gift to give your guests to remember your special day.

Navy Nautical Wedding Favors, Nautical Wine Charms

By: Lasmas-Creations
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8. Nautical Wedding Bubbles

These adorable bubble wand favors are perfect for the end of the wedding evening exit. A combination of rustic chic and a nautical theme thanks to natural jute ribbon and a small white, blue, and red anchor.

Navy Nautical Wedding Favors, Nautical Wedding Bubbles

By: Mad-Hatter-Party-Box
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9. Nautical Themed Anchor & Wheel Beer Bottle Opener

Ideal design for a nautical or beach themed wedding. Most importantly it is a beautiful and useful gift that your guests will cherish.

Navy Nautical Wedding Favors, Nautical Themed Anchor & Wheel Beer Bottle Opener

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10. Miniature Chocolate Favors

What better way to show your guests your appreciation and love than chocolate bars. These simple favors will look wonderful as decor finishing touches for nautical wedding tables.

Navy Nautical Wedding Favors,  Miniature Chocolate Favors

By: Candy-Bar-Boutique
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