Beautiful Wedding Hair Accessories Ideas For Beach Brides

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If you’ve chosen to have a beach wedding, you probably have a sense of whimsy and beach flair, and nothing says whimsical beach like a pretty hair accessory. It photographs beautifully, it feels like something that you normally wouldn’t get the opportunity to wear in your normal life, making it the perfect piece for your beach wedding.

A great hairpiece for a wedding needs to be easy to wear and have the staying power in the style you chose so that you can place it and never worry about it again until the night is over. Here is a list of the top 10 beach wedding hair accessories for brides for your special day.

The rules are simple, express yourself, and do this thru your summer bridal style.
Match your hair accessories or headpiece with your wedding theme – gladly for you, it’s a beach wedding and there is a huge variety of beautiful wedding hair accessories ideas for beach brides to fit any hairstyle you have been chosen.

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Beach brides have their own style, non-binding, free-spirited, and magical. Check out these top 10 beach wedding hair accessories for your special day

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10 Stunning Wedding Headpieces and Hair Accessories Ideas For Beach Brides

Beach brides have their own style, non-binding, free-spirited, and magical. One that pays homage to the sea, whether with gorgeous shades of turquoise or sea life items such as Seashells and Starfishes embedded in bridal crowns and Bobby Pins, tropical flowers hair clip or a charming mermaid hair piece Below are 10 amazing accessories to complete your beach bridal look.

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1. Blue Orchid Hair Clip

The first one is a beautiful Blue Orchid hair clip. Tropical enough to be great for any version of beach you’re holding your ceremony by, but also incredibly classic and traditional. It leans a little bit Hawaiian Tropical because of the beautiful Plumeria elements and is a stunning statement for any “something blue” you might be missing. 

Wedding Hair Accessories Beach Brides, Blue Orchid Hair Clip

By: MalamaPuaBridal
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2. Starfish Mermaid Bridal Updo

This stunning clustered piece is called the Starfish Beach Wedding Headpiece and is such a gorgeous statement piece, specifically for an updo. It looks stunning on the top of a low chignon bun or to the side of a more vertical sweeping bun. It can be a great subtle way to incorporate the theme of your wedding into your hairpiece without being over the top or too colorful.

Wedding Hair Accessories Beach Brides, Starfish Mermaid Bridal Updo

By: TopGracia
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3. Blue Opal Hair Vine

A subtle way to create the playful beauty of a hair accessory is to use a soft vine-inspired piece. There are a few different colors, and you can wear it in any fashion, across the head like a headband or woven through the back of the bun or style of your choice so that people can see it when you turn around.

Wedding Hair Accessories Beach Brides, Blue Opal Hair Vine

By: BelleMichelleUSA
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4. Silver Starfish Bobby Pins

Bobby pins made of silver starfish are a beautiful way to incorporate the beach wedding theme. This works great whether it’s half-up do, a full up-do or even a light braid. Bobby pins are nice because they are so easy to switch up when the night is winding down or when you switch to reception attire. 

Wedding Hair Accessories Beach Brides, Silver Starfish Bobby Pins

By: DandelionBySabra
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5. Blue Mermaid Hair Piece

If you’re more into brooch looking clips, this might be the one for you. The mermaid inspired aqua-marine piece is a beautiful addition to any hairstyle, and really pulls the beach theme through.

By: SavchenkoDesign
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6. Shell and Starfish Crown

If you’re into a flower-child-beach vibe, you can go for this beautiful shell boho headband. With a beautiful mix of flowers and shells, it really is the embodiment of beach and weddings. 

Wedding Hair Accessories Beach Brides, Shell and Starfish Crown

By: PrettyNatali
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7. Rhinestones and Pearls Hairpiece 

This stunner comb-style hair clip is not only gorgeous but so versatile. It can be stuck in crown-style or used as an accent to a bun. It’s a nice nod to the theme without going overboard.

Wedding Hair Accessories Beach Brides, Rhinestones and Pearls Hairpiece

By: SeagullSmithJewelry
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8. Fairy Flower Crown

Wedding Hair Accessories Beach Brides, Fairy Flower Crown

If you’re a more is more kind of bride, look at this flower crown tiara. It has delicate flowers but still leans into the look of an ocean blue accent color. Coordinate it with your bridal party or just let the piece speak for itself, either way, it’ll be simply beautiful.

By: AllinBloomStudioEOOD
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9. Seashell Bobby Pins

An understated way to show off the beach theme of your beach wedding is to use tiny, precious, bobby pins. The detail on these is so cute and they can be included in almost any style you choose.

Wedding Hair Accessories Beach Brides, Seashell Bobby Pins

By: Gemsicles
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10. Bridal Pink Clay Hair Vine

For a warm tone version of the ocean flower accent, take a look at this delicate string of sunset-hued flowers. They’re miniature plumerias and are so perfect for a pop of pink on your beach wedding day.

Wedding Hair Accessories Beach Brides, Bridal Pink Clay Hair Vine

By: EvaAccessory
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