10 Awesome Summer Wedding Favors Under 2$

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Summer weddings are everyone’s favorite. The warm weather brings out the celebratory mood in every attendee. You want to help keep the good vibes flowing in any way that you can. One of the best ways of upholding the celebration mood is by blessing your guests with summer wedding favors.

From sunglasses, magnets, beer can sleeve to starfish soap. Check out these 10 summer wedding favors ideas that are cheap but awesome! You can buy them all online for under 2$ each.

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Summer Wedding Favors Under 2$

Enthrall Your Guests with These Awesome

Summer Wedding Favors Under 2$

1} Flower Magnet

Summer themed Wedding Favors Under 2$ Flower Magnet
By fanus-home

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This excellent handmade wedding favor consists of a magnet adorned real dried flowers adorned with real dried flowers. It offers you a chance to pick your favored scent, color, design, and box options from a wide variety of selections.

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2} Let Love Grow- Custom Seed Wedding Favors

Summer themed Wedding Favors Under 2$, 2} Let Love Grow- Custom Seed Wedding Favors
By PlainJane2424

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This handmade gift is perfect for any wedding. Your guests will be fascinated with the idea of something that they can take home with them to honor your special day. The packets are customized to cater to your exact needs and go really well with weddings in the summertime.

Since these favors are only 1$ each, you can add a small ceramic flower pot (check it on Amazon) for an extra dollar. The result is this amazing and thoughtful souvenir like in this picture above.

3} Sunscreen

Summer themed Wedding Favors Under 2$ Sunscreen
By ModParty

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Your beach themed wedding will be a blast with these favors! They consist of customized containers filled with sunscreen lotion to help fight the harmful and irritating rays that are typical during summer. It’s so amazing that you get to choose the pattern, design, and color of the labels!

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4} Wedding Flip Flops Set with Personalized Kraft Tag

By BestDayEverSpot

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These comfortable flip-flops will bring out the fun side of every guest. They are so comfortable, you just want to dance in them all day! A useful favor for the wedding day and beyond.

5} Personalized Sandalwood Fan

Summer themed Wedding Favors Under 2$, Personalized Sandalwood Fan
By celebration-favor.

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Sandalwood is a unique material for making intricate and distinct items filled with color. This particular foldable made from sandalwood entails beautiful curves and patterns. Also, you can personalize the fan with your guest’s name and the date of your wedding.

6} Inflatable Drink Holder

Summer themed Wedding Favors Under 2$, Inflatable Drink Holder

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Your guests will love these cool summer pool beverage holders! The heat makes us thirsty, giving us a perfect excuse for a drink to cool us down. Who wouldn’t love holding a playful drink holder as they enjoy the best moment of your life?

Consider placing a soda can for each of the drink holders. It will make the favors much more complete and still within the budget of under 2$.

7} Personalized Sunglasses

Summer themed Wedding Favors Under 2$, Personalized Sunglasses
By Mod-Party

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Your guests will stay really cool and protect their eyes from the sun with these gorgeous sunglasses! Every pair comes with a customizable label printed in gold or black text. Great and useful mementos for your guests to use all summer.

8} Summer Beer Can Sleeves

Summer themed Wedding Favors Under 2$, Summer Beer Can Sleeves

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The Blue Panda beer can sleeves come in a pack of 12 and have a colorful representation of ice cream, flamingos, tropical fruits and toucan. They are perfect for occasions such as a wedding summer and will leave your guests awed by the creativity!

9} Starfish Soap Favors

Summer themed Wedding Favors Under 2$, Starfish Soap
By Seaside-Soap-Kitchen

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Well, starfish are adorable creatures. What if one can bath with them? These party favors aren’t actual starfish, but they make excellent summer wedding favors for your esteemed guests. Everyone will fall in love with their delicious fragrance!

10} Flip Flop Lollipops

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What an incredible way to have fun in the sun! These lollipops perfectly complement every wedding party held in the summer. The lollipops are also completely customizable.

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