5 Non-Traditional Groom Attire Ideas – How to Stand Out at Your Wedding

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With so many alternative bridal looks and styles becoming popular in recent years, it’s easy to forget about the groom’s attire. Usually, the groom is expected to wear the typical classic black tie look of a suit or tux. But it is his special day too, after all, and the groom deserves to express his sense of style just as much as the bride.

Today, we’ll be sharing 5 non-traditional groom attire ideas to make your wedding attire reflect your personal style and stand out from the crowd, along with tips on making these styles work on your big day.

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Non-Traditional Groom Attire Ideas

Reflect Your Personal Style With These Non-Traditional Groom Attire Ideas

1} Go for an Alternative Color Tux or Suit

A well-fitted, classic black tuxedo is the blueprint of black-tie looks. But there are no rules against switching things up with a more alternative cut, color, and style.

Dark Colors

You can go for a subtle change, like a gray or tan suit, or try shades such as deep purple, forest green, and burgundy. These dark colors still offer that same formal elegance, but with an extra touch of personality.

Non-Traditional Groom Attire Ideas, Alternative Color Tux or Suit forest green
Burgundy Suit Via Instagram
Non-Traditional Groom Attire Ideas, Alternative Color Tux or Suit deep purple
Forest Green Suit Via Instagram

Flashier Colors

If you’re feeling particularly bold, don’t be afraid to go for a flashier color, like red or even white. To make your look even more stand-out, switch things up by dressing your groomsmen in traditional black attire for contrast.

Non-Traditional Groom Attire Ideas, Alternative Color Tux or Suit Flashier Colors
Red Suit Via Instagram

Non-Traditional Groom Attire Ideas, Alternative Color Tux or Suit
White 3 Piece Suits
By Craftsand-Design-Shop On Etsy

2} Let Your Shoes do the Talking

Swapping out your traditional pair of dress shoes for a pair that better reflects your personality is perfect for those looking for a more subtle approach to standing out from the crowd.

When paired with a black tux, white sneakers can add an interesting and eye-catching contrast to your look. You can also find dress shoes and loafers in unique color and pattern options. If you go for a bold shoe choice, try to keep the rest of your look a bit more toned down to avoid clashing.

Two-Tone Silver and Gold Bowling Shoes.
By Unisexshoes On Etsy

White Sneakers Via Instagram

3} Swap the Slacks for Shorts

Are you planning for a summer or beach wedding, or just looking for something more laid-back? The big day can be a bit uncomfortable and stressful as it is, so consider ditching the dress pants for a tailored pair of shorts.

Shorts are a great non-traditional style for a much more casual wedding look. To pull off this look, make sure to be conscious of the rest of your outfit. A proper suit jacket may not pair too well with the more laid-back style, for example. For a comfortable, but still put-together look, try wearing your shorts with a button-down and a pair of loafers.

Non-Traditional Groom Attire Ideas
Beach Wedding Via Instagram

4} Don’t Be Afraid to Mix-and-Match

While most grooms opt for a matching jacket and pants, switching things up is a fool-proof way to create an interesting look that’s all your own. Try mixing and matching different colors and even patterns for a unique style.

You can also use this trick to easily make your wedding look a little more toned down. Swapping out your dress pants for jeans or khakis creates a look with a laid-back flair that’s perfect for more casual wedding themes.

Non-Traditional Groom Attire Ideas
Jeans and a Pink Tie
Via Instagram

5} It’s All in the Details

Extra details like unique suspenders, ties, socks, and cufflinks can add that perfect touch of personality and take your wedding attire to the next level.

Experiment with bold patterns and colors for an interesting and eye-catching look that will set you apart from the rest of the guys at your wedding party. For an even more special touch, try going for a tux with a custom lining. The subtle flash of color or pattern from inside your jacket will add a great personalized touch to your look.

Pink Roses Tie.
By Holmes-Ties On Etsy

Non-Traditional Groom Attire Ideas
Hot Pink Groom’s Socks
By GroomSocks On Etsy

Get Creative!

It may seem like grooms are much more limited in their choice of wedding attire, but that isn’t always the case. By using any of these five tips and tricks, creating a unique look that fits your wedding and personality best can be an easy, and even exciting, experience.

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