Bridal Hairstyle Tips for Choosing Wedding Updos

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For most brides, choosing a hairstyle for the wedding day is as crucial as the dress they’re going to wear. While every bride wants her hair to look perfect there are also many elements to think over when deciding on your hairstyle. To name one, brides with long hair usually have a hard time picking out a hairstyle.

Styling wedding updos takes a lot of planning. An updo is essentially a hairstyle that involves pinning the hair up so that it is off the neck. There are a lot of diverse styles of updos available, and you may find choosing the best one a challenging task. You have a lot of factors to weigh when picking out a hairstyle, keep reading and get an outline of the factors to reflect on when deciding on wedding updos.

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5 Steps for Choosing Wedding Updos

5 Steps for Choosing Wedding Updos

Step #1: Shape of the Face

The shape of the face is one of the main factors to take into consideration when choosing wedding updos. This is important because certain styles of updos are more appealing to faces of a particular shape while other styles may create an unappealing look. For example, some hairstyles can make a round face appear even rounder when a different hairstyle may create a slenderizing illusion.

wedding updos for round face
wedding updos for round face
Wedding Updos

Step #2: Veil or Headpiece

Another thing to take into consideration when choosing wedding updos is the veil or headpiece which will be worn.

While the shape of the face is significant, your chosen headpiece is equally important because it will influence the types of styles which can be used. The bride can start choosing a hairstyle once the headpiece is decided.

wedding headpiece 50s' retro style
wedding updos with veil

Step #3: Process of Selecting Wedding Updos

The process of selecting wedding updos mostly start with scrolling through websites and paging through wedding magazines. The majority of soon to be brides get their inspiration from magazines and websites that focus on weddings. Seeing different pictures of hairstyles you like can give you some idea of what kind of hairstyle you will choose.

When looking through these magazines and websites, it is essential to consider the shaper of the face of the models in the hairstyles you like. If they have face shapes that are resembling to you, these styles will probably be flattering. However, if the models have faces that are shaped drastically different from your own, you may find the style to be unflattering.

Floral wedding updos

Step #4: Choosing Hairstylist

The next step in the process of choosing wedding updos is to go to a hairstylist and experiment with different styles. If you already have a hairstylist you trust or have recommendations from other friends you can go to him or her to achieve your perfect wedding day look. Otherwise, you probably going to visit a few salon websites to see pictures of their work before deciding on a stylist that you like. Once you have selected a hairstylist you need to do a trial run and see how the hairstyle looks with the veil.

Step #5: Updos Trial Run

Ideally, the trial run to experiment with different wedding updos should occur close to the wedding date. This will confirm the hair is relatively similar to how it will be on the wedding day. You may experiment with different hairstyles a few months in advance only to find that the weather or other factors have changed to the texture of your hair making the style that was so appealing a few months ago to not be as attractive. The trial run is very critical since it is when the bride-to-be will truly see how the updo will look on her and with her headpiece.

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